15-Day Posting

In the event the Board meeting date is changed to a later date, today’s posting satisfies the publication requirement pursuant to AB1505 to have recommendations and any written findings required to support the recommendation, at least 15 days before the Board meeting.


June 22, 2021 Board Meeting


School Name BR #
Sylmar Charter High 342
Welby Way Charter Elementary and Gifted High Ability Magnet 343


May 25, 2021 Board Meeting


School Name BR #
Beckford Charter for Enriched Studies 331
Calabash Charter Academy 332
George Ellery Hale Charter Academy 333
Pomelo Community Charter 334
Riverside Drive Charter 335
Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter 336


January 26, 2021 Board Meeting


School Name BR #
Crenshaw Entreprenurial Academy 217


Decemeber 8, 2020 Board Meeting


School Name BR #
Animo Florence-Firestone Charter Middle 158
Animo James B. Taylor Charter Middle 160
Animo Ralph Bunch Charter High 161
Animo Watts College Preparatory Academy 162
Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy 163
Chime Institue's Schwarzenegger Community 164
El Camino Real Charter High 165
Extera Public 166
Los Angeles Leadership Primary Academy 167
Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts 168
Multicultural Learning Center 169
Prepa Tec Los Angeles High 170
Rise Kohyang High 171
Rise Kohyang Middle 172
Valor Academy Elementary 173
California Collegiate Charter 174
Bright Star Schools 175


November 24, 2020 Board Meeting


School Name BR #
Alliance Jack H. Skirball Middle 113
Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield Technology Academy High 114
Alliance Patti and Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy 115
Alliance Renee and Meyer Luskin Academy High 116
Alliance Susan and Eric Smidt Technology High 117
Alliance Ted K. Tajima High 118
Animo Ellen Ochoa Charter Middle 119
Animo Jackie Robinson Charter High 120
Animo Legacy Charter Middle 121
Arts in Action Community Charter 122
Arts in Action Community Middle 123
Aspire Inskeep Academy Charter 124
Aspire Juanita Tate Academy Charter 125
Aspire Slauson Academy Charter 126
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy 4 127
Equitas Academy 4 128
Girls Athletic Leadership School Los Angeles 129
ISANA Cardinal Academy 130
ISANA Himalia Academy (SBE) 131
ISANA Palmati Academy 132
New Heights Charter 133
New Los Angeles Charter Elementary 134
PUC Early College Academy for Leaders and Scholars (ECALS) 135
PUC Excel Charter Academy 136
PUC Triumph Charter Academy and PUC Triumph Charter High 137
Synergy Quantum Academy 138