Public Speakers at Board Meetings

Individuals and representatives of organizations are invited to address the Board on any subject that falls within the District's purview. If the item will be acted on at the Board Meeting, speakers are called on to speak just prior to Board action on the item. Board Rules allow up to seven speakers in most instances, with a balance preferred between speakers favoring and opposing the Board's proposed action. Each speaker is allowed a maximum of three minutes to speak and may only make a single appearance at each Board Meeting with exceptions made for "Public Hearings."

If the speaker's topic will not be voted on at the Board Meeting, their presentation is made during the Public Comment Speakers portion of the meeting.  Board Rules limit Public Comment Speakers to 15 at any single meeting. Each speaker is limited to a three-minute presentation.

Individuals who wish to speak before the Board should sign at the meeting prior to the item being discussed by the Board.  Speakers sign up as they enter the room in the lobby or at the recording booth at the back of the Board Room.  Speakers should plan to arrive early because the Board may cover items with no speakers signed up at the beginning of the meeting.  Please contact the Board Secretariat office  at 213-241-7002 or email for more information.

The meeting location is wheelchair accessible. Speakers needing any disability related or language accommodation should notify the Board Secretariat office a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the meeting to arrange for accommodation, and inform the staff upon arrival.